Jaipur October 2023
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S. No. Course Code Category Course Name Duration From To Course Director User Department Spon Autho Room No Email
1 JPR058 RIPA Institutional Course for IAS (Batch 2022) 365 25-May-23 3-May-24 B L Goyal/ Priyanka Vyas/ Surbhi Singh DOP FIRM In Field hcmripa@rajasthan.gov.in
2 JPR149 CMS Foundation Training Programme for AENs of PWD 8W 28-Aug-23 20-Oct-23 Sonia Agarwal PWD PWD Buddhi/P.17 soniaagarwal1110@gmail.com
3 JPR180 RIPA Service Rules & Disciplinary Matters 3 3-Oct-23 5-Oct-22 Pooja Saini All FIRM Nipun - B-08 poojaripa@gmail.com
4 JPR350 CMS Change Management for Jal Jeevan Mission Project 1 3-Oct-23 3-Oct-23 Priyanka Vyas PHED PHED Srishti/N.114 vyaspriyanka24@gmail.com
5 JPR183 CMS Training for Fit Facilities to ensure effective implementation of NIAC services 1 4-Oct-23 4-Oct-23 Rajesh Yadav DCR DCR Vidhya/P.34 rajyadav1956@yahoo.com
6 JPR172 CMS Resource Mobilisation for Urban Infrastructure 3 4-Oct-23 6-Oct-23 Reepunjaya Singh Technical Staff /Officers from Dept. PWD, PHED, RUIDP, ULBs, UITs. Town Pl., Higher Edu. etc. DOPT Deeksha/N.212 drreepun@gmail.com
7 JPR187 CMS Management in Government 3 4-Oct-23 6-Oct-23 Surbhi Singh All DOPT Srishti/N.114 surbhisingh27@rajasthan.gov.in
8 JPR189 CMS Training Programme on Right to Information Act for Nodal Officers 1 6-Oct-23 6-Oct-23 Vibha Sharma All DOPT RTI Pragya/N.215 vibhaamits@gmail.com
9 JPR190 RIPA Orientation Course for Newly Appointed Personal Assistant Grade II 5 9-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Ramakant Bhardwaj All FIRM Chintan/P.36(CH) rkbhardwaj24@gmail.com
10 JPR370 CMS Capacity Building Course for officials of Secretariat Service (Group A) 5 9-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Meenakshi Khangarot DAR DAR Srishti/N.114 meenakshikhangarot1@gmail.com
11 JPR184 RIPA Data Analytics 2 10-Oct-23 11-Oct-23 R Singhal All DOPT Kriti/N.316 singhal.rakesh@gmail.com
12 JPR188 CMS Gender Budgeting 3 11-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Karuna Pandey All DOPT Nipun - B-08 karunapandey12@gmail.com
13 JPR192 RIPA Office Procedure 3 11-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Gul Firdosh All FIRM Neeti/N.216 drgulripa@gmail.com
14 JPR193 RIPA Administrative & Financial Rules 3 11-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Pragati Asopa All FIRM Kaushal - B-12 pragatiasoparipa@gmail.com
15 JPR195 RIPA Rajasthan Service Rules 3 16-Oct-23 18-Oct-23 Preeti Singh Panwar All FIRM Deeksha/N.212 jd.hcmripa@gmail.com
16 JPR196 RIPA Mid Career Training Programme for State Service Officers 5 16-Oct-23 20-Oct-23 Komal Agri All FIRM Neeti/N.216 hcmripa@rajasthan.gov.in
17 JPR371 CMS Capacity Building Course for officials of Secretariat Service (Group B) 5 16-Oct-23 20-Oct-23 Vinod Kumari DAR DAR Srishti/N.114 vinodkumari0979@gmail.com
18 JPR197 CMS Workshop on revisiting IECs 1 17-Oct-23 17-Oct-23 Rajesh Yadav UNICEF UNICEF Vidhya/P.34 rajyadav1956@yahoo.com
19 JPR199 RIPA Workshop on Right to information 1 18-Oct-23 18-Oct-23 Pooja Saini All FIRM Kaushal - B-12 poojaripa@gmail.com
20 JPR200 CMS Computer Appreciation for Executives 3 18-Oct-23 20-Oct-23 Kamlesh Sharma All DOPT Kriti/N.316 kamal.lnmiit@gmail.com
21 JPR201 CMS Prevention of Sexual Harassment of women at work place 3 25-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 Karuna Pandey All DOPT Nipun - B-08 karunapandey12@gmail.com
22 JPR202 RIPA Office Procedure & Service Rules. 3 25-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 Priyanka Vyas All FIRM Srishti/N.114 vyaspriyanka24@gmail.com
23 JPR206 RIPA Ethics and Excellence in Governance 3 25-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 S. S. Bissa All FIRM Deeksha/N.212 ssbissa.ias@gmail.com
24 JPR351 CMS Planning & Management of Jal Jeevan Mission Project 1 27-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 Vibha Sharma PHED PHED Neeti/N.216 vibhaamits@gmail.com
25 JPR194 RIPA Role of Artificial Intelligence in Governance 2 30-Oct-23 31-Oct-23 R Singhal All FIRM Kriti/N.316 singhal.rakesh@gmail.com
26 JPR205 RIPA Leadership and Team Building 3 30-Oct-23 1-Nov-23 Meenakshi Khangarot All FIRM Deeksha/N.212 meenakshikhangarot1@gmail.com
27 JPR372 CMS Capacity Building Course for officials of Secretariat Service (Group C) 10 30-Oct-23 10-Nov-23 Pooja Saini DAR DAR Srishti/N.114 poojaripa@gmail.com