Child Resource Centre (CRC) was established in 2016, as one of the unique initiatives of the Government of Rajasthan with technical support from UNICEF to build the capacity of the stakeholders with a view to ensuring effective implementation of child protection laws and schemes related to children. It is a joint venture of Department for Child Rights, Rajasthan (DCR) and HCM Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration (HCM RIPA).

The Child Resource Centre (CRC) is working is an exclusive Centre dedicated towards catering to the need for building technical expertise and creating a professional manpower hub with an aim to strengthen the workforce for children issues. It strives to make aware, educate and sensitize government officials, child protection stakeholders and youth on child protection. HCM RIPA is a pioneer amongst the States to set up a dedicated Centre for institutionalizing the training programmes on issues related to child rights and child protection as well as mainstreaming children’s issues in the ongoing training programmes.
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To facilitate child-friendly governance towards creating an enabling environment to help children develop with their best potential.

To strengthen child protection systems for the promotion of child rights through capacity building and dissemination of information.

  • To identify gaps and address capacity constraints at various levels in child protection systems and structures;
  • To conceptualize and implement capacity-building programmes for different actors in child protection;
  • To mainstream child rights in different levels of government and non-government service structures;
  • To integrate innovative approaches for strengthening child protection systems;